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Power Up Shots?

Men’s health has always been neglected which can lead to complications such as low libido, poor energy levels or even erectile dysfunction. It is commonplace to find short term fixes to such but hardly a solid, long term solution. Many a time, delayed resolution of such problems with men’s health and vitality may even escalate to bigger issues such as diabetes, heart disease and more. Getting to the root of the problem is essential, not just for a man’s physical health for the long run, but also for his mental wellbeing and confidence as well. Dollar Shape Club has a long term, potent solution to resolve a man’s inadequacies and restore his health – in the form of our state of the art, Power Up Shots.



Power Up Shots isn’t just a regular men’s supplement. But why?

Many men’s supplements on the market do grant a very short boost to performance and ability, only to lose it quickly once its effects wear off. Furthermore, they come with a ton of side effects which can be potentially hazardous instead of beneficial.

Power Up Shots is not only made up of premium, organic and all natural ingredients, the product is non-toxic and would not cause side effects. Instead of focusing on short term benefits which quickly lose their effects, Power Up Shots aims to target the crux of two greatly neglected issues, kidney health and how to strengthen vital energy. Vital energy is key to a man’s strength, stamina, confidence and mental prowess. By incorporating patented ingredients and carefully selected herbs, its formula excels at revitalizing the kidney and spleen, massively boosting vital energy, libido, stamina, strength, fertility, sperm quality and production. Power Up Shots has anti-ageing benefits for the skin and hair as well, simultaneously enhancing the body’s immunity system by replenishing blood deficiencies which supports prostate health too. With progressive intake, these core benefits are long term, stay with you and are potently visible in everyday activity. You’d finally feel so confident of yourself – and not just for the short term. Satisfying your partner would no longer be a touchy topic with unnecessary medications or questionable products with fleeting benefits.

Power Up Shots is formulated by top food chemists from all across Asia by our multiple award winning and trusted brand, Dollar Shape Club, est. 2016.


Organic Ingredients Are Used?

Whilst all the ingredients used are of premium, organic and all-natural sources, the key ingredients which stand out are our Patented Sea Cucumber peptides, Oyster Peptides, Ginseng (Root and South American), Polygonatum Sibiricum, Poria, Prebiotics and Probiotics. As a patented ingredient, Sea Cucumber peptides are unique and thoroughly researched to be vital for improving male performance and vitality. Oyster Peptides and Ginseng (South American and Ginseng Root) further supplement this by preventing male dysfunction through the balancing of hormones and eliminating fatigue. The backbone to support these supplements would be to implement a strong kidney and spleen with the combination of Polygonatum Sibiricum, Poria and Prebiotics & Probiotics to reduce blood deficiencies, improve metabolism and strengthen their bodily functions. An all-in-one product, holistically revitalizing a man’s true potential and power by properly fortifying his health.

Patented Sea Cucumber Peptides


Oyster Peptides

Ginseng (Root and South American)

Probiotics Prebiotics

Polygonatum Sibiricum


Technology from Japan

Better yet, Power Up Shots isn’t a run of the mill men’s supplement where all the ingredients are chunked together using a single machine with sub-optimal standards. We use a patented fermentation method to extract only the best from our premium ingredients – whilst using another patented hydrolysis technology to optimize the efficacy and potency of our Oyster and Sea Cucumber peptides. This means that these ingredients’ carry smaller molecular weights and thus have high absorption rates – which in turn leads to great, assured results.

As such, you can be assured that you are consuming a product that leverages technology to be safe, only made from the best and of highest potency and efficiency.


Fantastic Progressive Results


Stage 1

Expect a great replenishment of energy, with enhanced muscle endurance and strength coupled with a major reduction in fatigue and recovery time post-exercise or physical activity.



Stage 2

The kidney and spleen is now strengthened which in turn rejuvenates vital energy. This in turn nourishes the blood and reduces any blood deficiencies. Your mind would be more refreshed, alert and you’d feel like your eyesight would be improved as well. Sexual stamina is enhanced – where premature ejaculation frequency and occurrence would be reduced. You’d also observe that your performance in bed would be stronger and with far more virility.



Stage 3

Your body’s health is now greatly optimized with a bolstered kidney, spleen and healthier blood flow, which enhances immunity, reduction of dizziness and any premature graying of hair. You’d even notice that your waist, hip and knees’ strength would be far stronger and flexible. At this stage, your fertility is also boosted, where your sperm count is improved, as well as its motility. Most importantly, male performance peaks from here on, and those who suffer from ED should see massive improvements, where they’d feel stronger and harder than ever before. Longer lasting performance is now expected as one of the key benefits of Power Up Shots.



Power Up Shots

Men face an immense amount of pressure, with many feeling unconfident due to a lack of strength, stamina, libido or feel weak or have erectile dysfunction. If this is who you are or what you’re dealing with, then it’s time to effect an impressive, long-lasting and life changing transformation from a feeble shell of a man to a true alpha male with Power Up Shots.


A Premium Ingredient

Unlike many other ingredients on the market, our Sea Cucumber peptides are patented because the way the ingredient is produced as a vital constituent of the product is unique in the industry. The peptide itself is extracted with a technologically advanced Molecular Biological Enzymatic Hydrolysis method – which not only retains the nourishment & nutrients of the sea cucumber, but also reduces the size of the individual molecules to allow easier and quicker absorption by the body. Sea Cucumber Peptides significantly reduce anti-fatigue levels of the body by improving the liver’s glycogen content. Rich in zinc and arginine, the ingredient also tremendously strengthens erectile function and greatly improves libido and stamina.


Maximum Vitality, Energy & Strength

We recommend 3 sachets of Power Up Shots to be consumed daily. Once in the morning, and 2 sachets 30 minutes before any physical activity for that extra energy boost. Completely hassle free – just drink from the sachet.

Promotes hormonal balances in the body

Natural remedy for impotence and ED

Regulates kidney and liver functions

All natural, powerful source of energy

Prevents premature ejaculation

Anti-ageing and skin-brightening effects

Greatly improves fertility and sperm quality

Prevents prostate-related diseases by reducing inflammation

Boosts immunity and metabolic functions of the body

Greatly enhances performance, libido, desire, erectile function and stamina


Male Enhancement Product?

Men are very much afraid to hurt their self esteem by taking medication or male performance pills. Even if they did give them a try, they could come with potentially unwanted side effects, may only work for a short period of time or not work at all.

At the same time, experiencing ED, lack of libido, strength or energy can be very demoralizing and is often a downward spiral. This is why men resort to short term solutions which often do more harm than good – where the effects are only momentary.

Power Up Shots is neither medication nor pills, is highly effective and safe. Its potent effects are long lasting and are sourced from all natural, premium and organic ingredients – so you can be assured that not only will your performance be vastly improved, but your health as well.


Taking Power Up Shots Early?

Erectile dysfunction affects about a third of all men, globally. 25% of these men are under the age of 40. These figures are startling and suggest that men aren’t looking after their kidney, urinary, prostate health or just their general health much, if at all.

Further from this, men with ED may be twice as likely to develop clinical depression as compared to those who don’t experience it.

It is thus vital for men to protect both their mind and body with a long term solution. Power Up Shots perfectly serves this purpose to transform you into a modern day Hercules.


The main ingredients of power up shots are Patented Sea Cucumber peptides, Oyster Peptides, Ginseng (Root and South American), Polygonatum Sibiricum, Poria, Prebiotics and Probiotics. No medication or artificial stimulants included.

We recommend a minimum of 3 months, twice daily. 1 set consists of 20 sachets, 3 months would be equivalent to 9 sets (180 sachets taken twice daily)

Yes it does! Power Up also consists of many fermented ingredients which boost the health and functionality of the kidneys.

Yes! Power Up Shots can be taken for men with poor kidney function or as a preventive measure. It is also recommended for men to enhance physical fitness, improve sperm quality, stamina and virility.


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