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“Dollar Shape Club” was coined to have two separate connotations. “Dollar Shape” means that we are driven to enhance individuals’ beauty (Shape) whilst improving their own finances (Dollar).

We are a direct sales venture and do not utilize the Multi-Level Marketing business structure. As an entity (Club), we endeavour to instil a fine balance between a disciplined mindset and educating our members further to succeed in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


Our Products are made from 100% Natural, Premium & Organic Ingredients. Its Effortless and helps to achieve your dream weight goal.

Birth of SLIMMY

Formerly known as “SLIMMY”. Started our journey with SLIMMY FIBRE 50XT.


SLIMMY Record Demand

SLIMMY FIBRE 50XT sales skyrocketed. We sold more than 20,000 boxes in this year alone.


Dollar Shape Club

Now known as “Dollar Shape Club” along with our upgrade of SLIMMY FIBRE 50XT to SLIMMY FIBRE 80XT, we are introducing our breakthrough product, SLIMMY MILK TEA


Satisfied Customers

In a short span of 2 months into 2020, we have sold a total of 4000 boxes of both SLIMMY FIBRE 80XT and SLIMMY MILK TEA, with hundreds of satisfied customers who have given us fantastic reviews. As our customer base increases exponentially due to our safe, effective and reliable products, our emphasis remains the same: To provide the best quality, safest and effective products to all our consumers.


CUPPY UP Collagen Jelly

By 2021, in barely a year, Dollar Shape Club reached a new milestone of selling over 50,000 boxes of our products - including the revolutionary CUPPY UP COLLAGEN JELLY, a unique product fantastic in enhancing both the bust and the skin. Furthermore, we released SLIMMY MILK TEA GEN II, a massively improved version of its predecessor, able to efficiently aid with weight loss as well as beautifying the skin. To date, we’ve also been awarded the prestigious Singapore Choice Consumer, the Singapore Prestige Class and the Aspiring Female Entrepreneur awards.